May has first and foremost been the month of Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The second season of Killing Eve, which Waller-Bridge pens, is just as deliciously deviant as the first and continues to be a showcase of outstanding female acting and fashion. As much as I love Killing Eve, the Waller-Bridge creation that took me by surprise this month was the second season of Fleabag. I watched the first when it came out in 2016 and wasn’t too fussed, but I loved the second incarnation. Maybe it was Fiona Shaw as a terribly droll psychologist, or perhaps it was Andrew Scott as the sacrilegiously sexy and charming priest, or Kristin Scott Thomas discussing the benefits of menopause, but every moment of this season was equally hilarious and heart warming.

Before the month was up I slipped in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe (2019), which didn’t necessarily live up to the fun promised in the trailer, but should be thanked for spawning the keanu reeves walking to music twitter account. I also finally watched Ruben Östlund’s The Square (2017), which I enjoyed as a brutal critique of the contemporary art world’s navel-gazing.






Just as I was late to Queer Eye I am also ridiculously late to the You Must Remember This party. The only upside to feeling terribly behind is that I now have 145 episodes to get through. Karina Longworth, the show’s writer, producer and narrator,


I am sure that The Chef Show

et cetera

Rilakumma and Kaoru could potentially sit under the ‘watching’ sub-heading, but this level of cuteness deserves it’s own section. It’s essentially a children’s show (although I did happen upon a petition demanding Netflix to make it inaccessible to children due to its sexual themes and depictions of horror[!!!]), but it arguably has crossover appeal for adults too. For one, it is written by one of my favourite filmmakers, Naoko Ogigami, and her quirky sense of humour and attention to the fleeting details of beauty within the everyday is present in each episode. In true Japanese fashion, every detail of Rilakumma’s world is meticulously and lovingly created.