December 2018

A new essay for issue 2 of Another Gaze: “Femininity out of place: Reframing hysteria in Pure and Hotell.”

October 2018

An essay entitled “Erosion by Desire: Marguerite Duras’ Self-Adaptations” published online for Issue 88 of Senses of Cinema.

June 2018

A Cinémathèque Annotation on Film for Giulio Petroni’s Death Rides a Horse (1967) published online for Issue 87 of Senses of Cinema.

April 2018

A chapter entitled “Vision and Ethics in A Second Chance (En chance til)” in Refocus:The Films of Susanne Bier published by Edinburgh University Press.

March 2018

A Cinémathèque Annotation on Film entitled “From the first bottle to the first kiss”: François Truffaut’s Small Change (1976) published online for Issue 86 of Senses of Cinema.

December 2017

A new personal essay entitled “Twenty Years: Unfoldings and Intersections” published online for the 10th anniversary issue of Cha: An Asia Literary Journal dedicated to the theme of “Writing Hong Kong.”